About Natalie Oliveri

Natalie Oliveri is a registered music therapist with the Australian Music Therapy Association.

She is registered as a provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). She works with NDIS participants to build their capacity for daily functioning and to improve their health and well being through musical engagement and activities.

Natalie also works in mental health and has a particular interest in perinatal mental health.

In 2017, Natalie designed and facilitated a music therapy program for SCOSA and SPORTSMED’s Body, Mind & Wellbeing project, providing SCOSA clients with meaningful artistic and creative musical opportunities.

As well as being a private practitioner, Natalie Oliveri is a Clinical Specialist for Sing & Grow Australia delivering music therapy services to children 0-4 years and their parents in the community.

Natalie began her career facilitating a classroom-based music therapy program to children 5-18 years with profound and multiple disabilities at a special education centre in Adelaide.

Training and Areas of Practice

Natalie trained at the University of Melbourne obtaining post-graduate qualifications in a Masters in Music Therapy through the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music’s Music Therapy program.

Her training includes counselling qualifications and first stage training in Music and Imagery (MI) under the UoM Music Therapy course founder; Prof. Denise Grocke.

During her clinical training, Natalie has worked in youth and adult mental health and rehabilitation, mothers with psychiatric disorders and their babies, adults with profound and multiple disabilities and school-age children with profound and multiple disabilities.

In September-November 2015, she facilitated a 10-week music therapy program at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital  with the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, working primarily with adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), psychosis and depression.

During her studies, Natalie focussed on the ways music is used with women with postnatal mental health concerns – such as postnatal depression and postpartum psychosis – focusing on attachment, bonding and maternal and infant health and wellbeing. You can read the abstract of her masters’ thesis here.

Prior music and work experience

Prior to pursuing a career in music therapy, Natalie was a radio journalist with ABC Local Radio, working in rural South Australia. During her undergraduate studies Natalie completed a Bachelor of Arts (in Italian) and a Bachelor of Media (Hons.)

Having worked in rural communities and regularly interviewing farmers during the drought years, Natalie became interested in the topics of counselling for depression and alternative therapeutic interventions.

In 2012 Natalie decided to change careers. She went on to complete a Diploma in Classical Voice at the Elder Conservatorium of Music under the coaching of Peter Hopkins, conferring in 2013. That same year she completed the Qualifying Topic for post-graduate psychology with Flinders University.

In December 2015, Natalie graduated from the Masters of Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne.

Since leaving journalism, Natalie has relished the opportunity to make music every day and see the people she works with grow and change through musical experiences.