Who NOMT works with

Natalie Oliveri is based in Adelaide and helps clients to achieve therapeutic goals

through interaction with music and musical activities.

Offering services to:

  • children on the autism spectrum and children with global developmental delay and other developmental challenges;
  • early childhood/early intervention music therapy sessions with children and their families;
  • parent-child bonding and attachment through music therapy and using music to connect with child and assist with everyday tasks;
  • music therapy sessions for adults, adolescents and children experiencing, depression, trauma or grief/loss;
  • people with disabilities seeking to improve functioning and wellbeing.

Music Therapy and the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Registered Music Therapists can offer music therapy to participants of the NDIS in Adelaide, South Australia. The following link provides some information for those NDIS participants seeking music therapy as part of their plans: click for more information about accessing music therapy through the NDIS.

More Information
RMTs Change Lives is an initiative of the Australian Music Therapy Association, providing information and case studies on how music therapists work.

These case study videos illustrate what music therapy may look like, describing a music therapist’s work with a boy with autism:

RMT Dr. Grace Thompson reflects on this video about Jackson and explains the use of music with children in a therapeutic way:

You can watch more case studies and get more information about the work of RMTs here: http://www.rmtschangelives.com.au/