Natalie Oliveri Music Therapy is Switching to Telehealth

In the interests of client health, my own and my family, I have decided to move music therapy sessions to an online format in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, until I receive further advice from the Government, the NDIA and the Australian Music Therapy Association.

In this very uncertain time, therapists need to be innovative in the way that they continue to deliver services to guarantee participants do not miss out on valuable therapies.

Natalie Oliveri Music Therapy is a leader in music therapy via Telehealth in South Australia and has provided online music therapy sessions since early 2018 to ensure rural and remote families can access Music Therapy in areas where no registered Music Therapists are available. Through experience, I have successfully developed strategies to facilitate music therapy sessions for children on the autism spectrum and adults.

There is abundant research and growing evidence demonstrating that therapy delivered online can be just as effective as face to face delivery. I see it as a viable option and hope it can assist you to facilitate your therapies, despite the current health crisis we are facing as a society.

In the case that you do have the technology available to you, Natalie Oliveri Music Therapy urges you to consider the Telehealth option so you can continue to access music therapy and so this small music therapy business can continue to remain viable and provide therapy services into the future.
Thank you for your support and patience at this time.